Founded in 2012, SOVRIN is a small company ran solely by Kayla Garland in Austin, TX.

My designs are greatly inspired by fantasy and herbalism.  But looking deeper.... my end goal is that when you wear my designs you feel like a warrior.  I have always been influenced by the characters (mostly women) in film and stories who emanate strength, intelligence, resourcefulness, and overall empower others to be strong and independent (Xena, Alice(resident evil)  Leeloo Dallas, Furiosa, Eowyn, Selene (Underworld) Wonder Woman....to name a few.....) and I try to make that show through my work.  So when you wear my items you feel like an individual.....Creative.....Strong...just as a whole....a badass warrior that can do anything.

 All pieces are hand printed with my original artwork and packaged with care by yours truly. I hope that my pieces find you well and provide inspiration and magic in your daily life.