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These leggings are printed and designed by me. They feature a minimalistic sword design printed on the back, giving it the look of swords sitting in the back of your boots. SOVRIN is written in the blade of the sword in the dwarf alphabet, Khazalid. I've been a fan of Lord of the Rings all my life, so I decided to add a little touch to the design. There are also the 3 runes, Dagaz, Manaz, and Sowilo on the blade of the sword framing "sovrin".

Here are the meanings of each of the Runes:
Dagaz: change by your own will, transformation
Manaz: Intelligence and creativity
Sowilo: a time of power available to you for positive change

The blade on these sword leggings measure 15.5" tall and the guard measuring 3" wide

These leggings are all hand-printed with eco friendly white water based ink, so please be aware that they will not all look exactly the same. Given the ink being water based , the opacity can vary between batches sometimes giving it a greyish shade.

They are printed on the back thighs.
92% cotton
8% elastane